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2023-04-23 18:19:21
Sunday 18:49:38
April 23 2023

UK government sends emergency alert drill to citizens, but test fails on some phones. People Union: Privacy at risk.

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The UK has activated its new national emergency alert system, but the test has failed on some phones.

On April 23 at 3:00 pm, the UK government sent an "Emergency Alert Drill" 🚨 to citizens' mobile phones and tablets, with a sound similar to a siren that invaded people's peace and privacy. According to some sources, this is just a test of the UK government's new emergency alert system that will allow people to be contacted through their mobile phones in potentially deadly emergencies such as severe flooding. However, some UK citizens and resistance movements such as "People Union" have protested against this activity, stating that citizens have been subjected as puppets to yet another experiment that hides criminal intentions.

This alert system could also be activated in Italy, so it is important to know information related to this new alert system and how it works. The UK government has provided a website ( where people can check the authenticity of emergency alerts.

Despite the system being designed to alert the public in case of danger, many users have reported not receiving the alarm in a timely manner, even though there was a loud explosion that lasted 10 seconds.

The UK government's new emergency alert system was activated after tests were conducted in East Suffolk on May 25 and in Reading on June 29, 2021. It will allow people to be contacted through their mobile phones in potentially deadly emergencies such as severe flooding.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, many people across the country have reported not receiving the alarm at 3 pm when a loud alarm sound was expected for 10 seconds. In particular, many Three mobile network users have reported not receiving the alert.

The government explained that the alert system was activated only for testing purposes and that there will be a second test in the future, when further instructions will be provided to citizens on how to behave in case of an emergency.

The emergency alert system has been designed to send messages to all 4G and 5G compatible mobile phones in case there is an imminent danger to life, health or property. However, there have been concerns about privacy and the security of personal data, as the government has access to citizens' phone numbers and can send messages to them without their knowledge.

Additionally, the activation of the alert system has raised some concerns among citizens, with some feeling invaded in their privacy and tranquility.

If you receive an emergency alert on your phone, you will hear a loud sound similar to a siren. A message on the screen will inform you about the emergency and how to best respond. You can check whether an alert is genuine on

This action by the UK government could have repercussions in Italy as well, however, it has not been confirmed yet. It is important to note that the UK government's emergency alert system aims to protect people's lives and safety in case of emergencies, but it must be used responsibly to ensure citizens' privacy and peace of mind.



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Description of Sources:

  • : This source is the website of Age UK, a British organization that provides support and assistance to elderly citizens. The article discusses the new emergency alerts system of the UK government and provides detailed information on its operation and purpose.
  • : This source is a video on YouTube that shows an emergency alert being sent to a mobile phone in an area of London. The video was uploaded on April 21, 2023 and has received over 84,000 views.

Technical Glossary:

  • 4G: fourth generation of wireless technologies for data transmission
  • 5G: fifth generation of wireless technologies for data transmission
  • Emergency alert drill: a test alert to verify the effectiveness of the alert system
  • Emergency Alerts System: system used by the UK government to send emergency messages to all compatible mobile phones

Topics covered:

  • UK government alert system
  • Privacy and safety of citizens
  • UK resistance movements
  • Emergency alert test

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